Ukraine welcomes “Character for Kids”

Bible-based character training for children a huge hit with Ukraine’s educators
Character International is a ministry whose mission is to teach Bible-based character to pedagogical students in Ukraine and Lithuania. Founded by Charles and Lynda Landreth, this organization presents seminars on “Character for Kids”, applying biblical principles to childhood development. 
For several years now, they have been able to build on opportunities opened up by EEM in these countries’ school systems. Additionally, EEM has printed Ukrainian and Lithuanian editions of “Up Right”, the book used as a basis for Bible-based character instruction.
This fall, Ukrainian educators had access to seminars in three locations: Kyiv, Ukraine’s 7-million capitol; and two regional administrative centers, Zhytomyr (pop. 270,000) and Ivano-Frankivsk (pop. 230,000). The focus was on early development (ages 0-6).
The seminars, which were conducted in collaboration with Ukrainian universities, drew a crowd of several hundred attendees. Many had signed up to attend, but many others showed up on short notice. Yet no one was turned away.
Owing to the great interest, Character International is already planning on more sessions for early 2017. With the publicity the seminar received on the government’s website, on radio, and on television, there is sure to be no shortage of attendees.