The (impossible) Ukrainian Dream

Vera, the kindergarten director from YuzhnyVera, the Director of Kindergartens in the small port village of Yuzhny outside of Odessa, Ukraine (population: 35,000), had a dream—a vision—to teach the children in her school about God and Jesus. 

The school Vera teaches at received funding and support for a unique education philosophy devised by a man with the name Guzik. That philosophy incorporates Christian morals and values in the public schools.

Vera began teaching there some 30 years ago. She worked tirelessly on the development of a curriculum for Pre-K and Kindergarten. She finalized her work and selected a very few to review her work before submitting it to the Ministry of Education for their stamp of approval. She patiently and tediously refined her curriculum and waited for the time to be right. That perfect timing was last year.

After having made some very valuable relationships, it was now time to test these relationships with the curriculum that was finished—all but a few final touches and edits. She presented her curriculum to the Ministry of Education and received their approval.

The outcome: This curriculum will now be available for any teacher in Ukraine. Impossible? Not with God. Only with God can a Kindergarten teacher in a small town in Southwest Ukraine write a Christian Ethics curriculum for pre-K and Kindergarten, and get it approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine so that it will be available to every school and every Pre-K and Kindergarten in the nation of Ukraine.

There’s more to the story, though: Vera wrote EEM’s books and biblical materials into this new curriculum. Impossible? Not with God. With Him all things are possible.