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Farsi Bibles from Elam Ministries
Farsi Bibles from Elam Ministries
In recent months, we have been in touch with a number of organizations working with refugees. Their requests always boil down to one thing: Could EEM provide Bibles in Arabic and Farsi? We have considered this simple plea, prayed over it, and, finding the necessary resources, have been happy to oblige.
Our hearts go out to ministries working with those who have been displaced from their homes because of war, civil unrests, or persecution. We are grateful that they help meet the basic needs of individuals and, even more frequently, families who find themselves in this situation. We are equally overjoyed that they are, at the same time, using this opportunity to share with them the Good News of salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ.
We continue to pray for them, but we also want to do more. As we currently have Farsi Bibles in stock, we would like to offer them to other organizations who might put them to good use. Although we have been involved with some ministries already, we believe there are many other organizations in the EU who could benefit from them. If you are aware of any such ministries, please, let them know we would be happy to hear from them at https://www.eemeurope.org/contact-us/.
We are thankful to God for making this possible. Our thanks also goes to those who support our ministry and to our partners at Elam Ministries, who have been instrumental in providing Farsi Bibles to us.