Refugees excited to receive Bibles

Bible Study at Berlin's Connections
In order to serve God we follow His lead—and at times He takes us where we had not planned to go only to show us the greatness of His love for all humankind. This is the case of our involvement with Connections, a cafe/library and resource center for the people of Berlin, Germany. It is a haven for Christians and seekers who can find here “a warm smile, great cup of coffee, and a relaxed atmosphere,” says the center’s director, Larry Lewis.

Among its other activities, Connections also works with refugees—and we are grateful to have been able to assist them by providing Arabic and Farsi Bibles. Writes Larry Lewis:

When we were first faced with the refugee crisis here in Berlin, we were not aware of how deeply it would affect us. The first problem we faced was the realization that we had NOTHING to give them except a place of safety.  After beginning a weekly gathering with refugees to help them adjust to life here in Germany, we started offering materials and noticed there was an interest in ANYTHING Arabic—and it was surprising how open they were to looking at our limited supply of Bibles.

Now because of the generosity of your ministry, we can now offer Bibles in Arabic and Farsi and this has been met with both excitement and curiosity.  We have begun to send bundles of 50 and 60 Bibles to area churches and even a group in Frankfurt.

The most recent development is a now weekly Bible study in Arabic AND Farsi—we took this picture just last week.  When I see the joy on the face of those who have never owned a Bible it is such a privilege to witness.  We feel confident that over the course of the next few months we should easily be able to distribute ALL the Bibles that have been provided and are ready for even more especially complete Bibles in both Arabic and Farsi.

What an honor it is to partner in ministry with you—it is exciting to think of what will happen next!

We, too, are grateful about this unexpected opportunity and pray that God blesses this—and similar—ministries with those who have been displaced from their homes. After all, we are all but wanderers in expectation of our heavenly home. As the old hymn aptly puts it: “This world is not my home, I’m just a-passing through!”