From the lips of children

Slovenian Bible for Young Readers coverWe received encouraging news from a children’s ministry in Slovenia (CEF). The ministry organizes, among other things, weekly “Good News Clubs” as well as summer and winter camps in order to expose kids to biblical truths in an increasingly more secularized society. 
To support this effort, Eastern European Mission has provided 5,000 copies of Bible for Young Readers. Some 1,800 were already given out in 2015 and the ministry continues tirelessly in this good work, encouraged by the positive feedback they’ve encountered. Their team shares some of the highlights in a recent newsletter:
A girl told us, “I have read the Bible three times already. Do you have some other similar literature that I could read?’ Another girl knew that her parents would forbid her to read the Bible, so she asked a friend to save it for her. A boy said, “This book is really something special!” In a village, a mother and a daughter quarreled about who would read it first. A boy said, “My mom told me that this is not a real book and that God does not exist. But I believe because I can sense Him and I ask myself who else could create the world if not God.”
Indeed, as Jesus sums it up, referring to Psalm 8: “From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise” (Matthew 26:11, NIV).
And as one of the ministry workers adds, “Our prayer is that God will bless all those who have financially contributed so that these Bibles can be printed, as well as translators who translated them, so that children can read the Bible in their mother tongue.”