Ethics teachers request Bibles

Ethics Teachers Seminar
Russia has been a very exciting territory for us to work in: the people here are earnest and sincere. They are also keen to show gratitude and send us encouraging notes, such as: “Many thanks! I ordered a Bible for my daughter and she loved it! Thank you very much!!” We feel extremely blessed to be serving them.
At the same time, working in Russia poses certain challenges—the majority of Russians are, at least nominally, Orthodox. As Orthodox faith is perceived to be part of Russia’s cultural heritage, access to schools for other religious groups is very limited.
We were, therefore, thrilled to recently receive requests for children’s Bibles from several Russian teachers. They are going to use them while teaching Ethics in schools and in training seminars for other school teachers.
As opportunities to provide Bibles to schools in Russia are few, we are grateful for the chance to bring the Good News to the younger generation in this way. It is our prayer that God blesses this ministry and continues to provide us with opportunities to reach out to as many as possible.
Please, join us in this prayer for the wonderful people of Russia!