EEM expands its European operations

EU Flag
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2016 is set out to be another great year for Eastern European Mission. With two new full-time additions to our European staff, we are bound to cover more ground and serve more Bible-hungry souls.

As Greece becomes a truly multicultural melting pot, welcoming both immigrants from former Communist Bloc and refugees from war-torn nations of the Middle East, it is especially important for us to pay closer attention to this region. This role will be held by Dimitrios Argyropoulos, a long-time church member from Athens, Greece.

We also see potential in expanding our operations in Central Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary) and the Baltic region (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia). To coordinate our activities there, we have been joined by Jaro Marcin, a native of Slovakia, who will be conducting our operations from Prague, Czech Republic.

We are very excited about this expansion of our team and pray that God continues to bless our new colleagues in their new roles. Together, they will be reaching out to a population of over 80 million!