Community Bible Experience speaks Russian

EEM seeks to boost Bible engagement in Russian-speaking countries through the innovative “Community Bible Experience” program. Individuals are invited to an encounter with God’s Word that can transform their lives.

In the year 2016, EEM completed a total of 130 projects, distributing more Bibles and Christian literature than ever before. This year, EEM starts out just as strong with a program aimed at boosting Bible engagement.

The Community Bible Experience (CBE) program is the brainchild of Biblica, one of EEM’s key partners. Its main goal is to make reading the Bible an enjoyable and uplifting experience, augmented by sharing in small groups. The program seeks to “reignite passion” for God’s Word, making daily reading a habit while, at the same time, renewing appreciation for the Holy Scriptures.

CBE seeks to restore much of the original format of the Bible: It removes headings and chapter and verse divisions, introduced much later, to remove distractions from the biblical text itself. It also challenges the participants to commit to a daily dose of God’s Word and a weekly small group discussion. The format can be used by believers and seekers alike.

EEM has now officially launched the program, which will be available throughout Russia and Ukraine. The initial print run of 10,000 New Testaments is ready for shipment. Meanwhile, EEM is already looking into opportunities of making the program available in other languages of Eastern Europe.

The Bible. We want everyone to get it.

For more on the project, go to (Russian only).

CBE explained in English
CBE explained in Russian