Camp programs reach out to children

Romanian girl

In Jesus’ day, parents were bringing their children to Jesus and the disciples tried to stop them. Fast forward 2000 years and the situation could not be more different! Jesus’ disciples are trying to reach out to the littlest ones, but often lack access.
Many children these days simply are not exposed to the gospel. With secular humanism setting in as ranks of nominal Christians continue to drop, this is not surprising. Parents who do not believe in God or merely follow a tradition have no need to (passionately) share the story of Jesus with their children. They might also not feel the need to grant their children access to any religious instruction. So what can Christian ministries do to reach them?
One option that has proven helpful is camp programs: They have a long-established tradition in post-Communist countries and offer a welcome alternative to busy parents looking to give their kids something to do during the summer. This gives Christian ministries a chance to share with them the love of Christ.

For this reason, EEM has started its own summer camp program in Ukraine. But this is hardly sufficient to meet the needs of so many children in multiple countries. Therefore, EEM also partners with other camp ministries to make the Word of God available to as many as possible.
Camp Falcon Rock, Romania, is one such case. Although still in development, for the past two years it has been taking its ministry to neighboring villages. This has helped them forge relationships with locals and opened doors for outreach among the children. This past year, for instance, as many as 600 children from 11 villages were reached—and each of them got a copy of the Bible for Young Readers!
It is our prayer that the Word might be planted in their hearts. We pray that from among these children, God will raise for Himself a new generation of Christian leaders. We pray that God works in them to shift the balance in His favor. After all, Jesus loves the little children. “Let the little children come to me,” he says, “for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”