Bringing Home God’s Children

Anne with the girls in one of her study groups (Madalina is second from the left) in 2010.
Anne with the girls in one of her study groups (Madalina is second from the left) in 2010.

For more than 15 years, Anne Boyd has been serving God’s children in St. George, Romania. In this testimony, she shares how her ministry, God’s Children—and our books—are making a difference.

Back in 2010, after attending the Monday night English class at my house, Madalina kindly asked with a shy voice,  if it’s possible…may I have a Bible?” I happily offered an English Bible to her. She was so excited when I put one in her hands! Not many days passed before she came to my house with a list of questions about what was in the Bible. Taking a seat in my kitchen, I was more than pleased to answer her questions. We had a wonderful, long conversation discussing passages from the Bible. Now she is an intentional follower of Jesus, and as she received the Word one day, she is now spreading the Word that changed her life completely.
Another similar story happened this Sunday! I attended our worship service where I met two teenage girls from Hungary.  Before I got there, they discovered the Bibles we had to donate to people. Iluci took 5 books! She hungers and thirsts after Truth. She happily took the following books: Hungarian New Testament, Hungarian Children’s Bible, Romanian Children’s Bible, A Newcomer’s Guide to the Bible and English Bible Easy to Read Version.
Iluci’s friend is quite shy…she only took three books. Though each has Bible class around once a week at their high school, they complained about the harsh attitude of the teacher. She insists that the students go to church but she never speaks about the love of Jesus and she certainly never exhibits His love.
Before service started with our small group, the girls asked,  Please, can we discuss the Love chapter, 1 Corinthians 13?” Luci learned about the Love chapter from her faithful Christian grandmother, Maria Movila. Sunday the girls felt encouraged being reminded about what real love is. They are eager to go deeper into God’s word.  They can’t wait to show the Bibles and Bible materials to their teachers, families and friends in Hungary!
All girls, Madalina, Iluci and Iluci’s friend were in the right place at the right moment to receive a Bible so they can find Jesus. It makes our work full of joy to have day to day opportunities to share the love of Jesus with seekers! Thank you for helping make this possible!