Bibles delivered to Ternopil schools

Ternopil 1
Following successful negotiations with the local authorities, deliveries of Bible sets have now begun in the Ternopil region of Ukraine. Work has also commenced in the Volyn region.
Since 2007, when the “Bibles for Schools” project was launched in Ukraine, EEM has provided a total of more than 930,000 Bibles, Newcomer’s Guides, and Character for Kids books to schools in more than 10 regions. 
At an average of 800-850 schools per region, this means EEM has provided Bible sets to more than 8,000 public schools.
Says Bob Burckle, EEM’s President: “The doors that God is opening continue to get wider in Ukraine, Croatia, Romania, and other Eastern European nations. Thank you for your prayers and support.”
Our imprint in Ukraine has grown significantly since 2007
A typical book set contains Bibles for a variety of age groups
Students help bring Bibles up to the school building
Let the little children come to Jesus!