Bible for Young Readers redesigned

Bible for You with traditional artwork

A new version of the children’s Bible is about to hit the shelves. The new edition of Bible for Young Readers will feature artwork in a more traditional style, which better fits the cultural expectations of areas with strong Orthodox heritage.

Bible for Young Readers, an illustrated Bible for children, is one of EEM’s signature products, with more than 340,000 copies already distributed in 15 languages. Now a new edition is on its way, tailored specifically to the needs of our church partners and schools in areas where the Orthodox culture is prevalent.

The original edition of Bible for Young Readers features playful contemporary cartoon-like artwork, which has generally been very well received by parents and children alike. Yet the perceptions were different in some parts of Russia and Ukraine. Says Bart Rybinski, EEM’s Vice President of European Operations, “Some of our partners in Russia and Ukraine felt the illustrations did not reflect the traditional portrayal of biblical stories, so we decided to commission artwork more befitting their local culture so that even more doors will open for our children’s Bibles in these regions.”

The new edition with traditional artwork has already been published in Russian. We are currently producing Greek and Ukrainian versions and are beginning work on a Serbian edition. All these countries have predominantly Orthodox cultures.

By respecting the cultural heritage of these nations, we are hoping that God will provide us with new opportunities. One of our hopes is to be able to reach more children in the school system of Ukraine, where we have already delivered over 550,000 Bibles and other resources.

“I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some.” (1 Cor. 9:22b, NIV)