Belgrade Book Fair shows promise

Belgrade Book Fair 1
Last week, Bartosz Rybinski, EEM’s Vice-President for European Operations, went to the Belgrade Book Fair to present the Bible for Young Readers and Bible for You in Serbian. Together with Drasko Djenovic and his partners from the Ikonos ministry, they shared free copies with teachers, children, representatives of other ministries, and passers-by. 
The Belgrade Book Fair is an international event and one of the oldest events of this kind. It is frequented not only by book publishers, but also by educators and the general public. The attendees showed quite a bit of interest in EEM’s books. Says Bartosz:
Belgrade Book Fair 2We had a steady flow of visitors and distributed a lot of books. Some school teachers came by and got larger quantities to share with kids in their classes. One little girl came early in the week and got a free copy. She came back with her father the next day with a large suitcase and asked if she could take copies for everyone in her class.
We were greatly encouraged by the hunger we saw for God’s Word. All in all, 5000 copies were distributed at the Fair! A journalist from a Serbian daily even wrote an article about our Bibles! In it he states that our Bibles are “intended for free distribution in schools, institutions, and to individuals in order to let young readers develop a love for the Bible.” Please, join us in prayers for the country of Serbia—may God open further doors for us there!