An unlikely partnership

The room we entered, an auditorium that can hold some 200 people, was bursting at the seams. The attendees were teachers from the public schools in the Varazdin region in Croatia. They had gathered at the bishop’s palace for a Saturday workshop and, thanks to the efforts of the Varazdin Church of Christ, EEM was invited to share with them some good news: We are bringing 15,000 copies of children’s Bibles to their schools!

As I stood up to address the crowd, I could sense much anticipation. As I introduced Eastern European Mission and shared with them our history and vision— “The Bible. We Want Everyone to Get It” — I saw smiles on many faces. These people, too, were excited about our ministry. So when I ended, saying, “We hope that one day there will be Bibles in every school in Croatia!” I saw people all around the room nodding their heads as if to say “Amen!”

The bishop then rose to speak and read a passage from the children’s Bible. He’d chosen the story of Jesus welcoming little children. “Let the children come to me for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these!” The crowd broke into a deafening applause.

You might ask yourself — why such unlikely partnership? The answer is really straightforward: Like Paul, who took the message of God to all the unlikely places, we try to follow God’s calling to serve wherever people are hungry for God’s Word. In Croatia, where nearly 87% of the population is Catholic, the Catholic Church is the only entity in a position to open public schools for Bible distribution. We are simply going where the people are to encourage them to be in God’s Word.

We remain grateful to Jura Lazar from Croatia for Christ and the Varazdin Church of Christ for this opportunity and we pray that God blesses their work as they help us bring the Bible to other parts of Croatia. After all, we hope that one day there will be Bibles in every school in Croatia!

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Contributed by Jaro Marcin, our representative to Central Europe and the Baltic countries. He is a native of Slovakia, currently residing in Prague.

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    Jura Lazar, who was instrumental in bringing Bibles to schools in Croatia.
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    The auditorium was packed—and excited about Bibles for Schools.
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    Jura Lazar, Mladen Dominic (the preacher at Varazdin Church of Christ), and Jaro Marcin with bishop Mrzljak.
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    The bishop read the story of Jesus welcoming the little children.