An unexpected encounter

© Feng Yu / Adobe Stock
Our lives are full of meetings: Meetings at work, with friends, with family members. Most of these are planned. But there are also those meetings which we had not planned in advance—unexpected encounters. Perhaps a voice of God addressing us amidst the busyness of our lives, sharing an important message or a reminder we need to hear.
I recently experienced one of these unexpected encounters: I had just recorded a sermon at the TV studio in Kiev—it was a lesson on the parable of the talents, at the end of which I exhorted my audience with the words, “God wants to do good things through us!”
On my way home, I stopped by the supermarket to pick up a few groceries. I was just checking the expiration date on a bottle of apple juice when I heard a faint, almost inaudible sound. I looked around and saw a little girl.
“Hello,” I said to her. “Would you like something?”
“I would really like a chocolate bar,” she responded.
“What is your name?” I asked.
“How old are you?”
“Nine,” Sophia replied.
As the conversation progressed, I found out more about Sophia: she has no dad, her mom has died, and she is living with her grandmother. Although she should be going to school, she does not attend. My heart really went out to this sweet little girl.
It was then that I remembered the message I had shared with my TV audience: “God wants to do good things through us.” Was this heaven trying to test me?
“What chocolate would you like?” I asked this little angel.
She looked around and pointed at Milka.
“OK,” I said. “Let’s go pay for it.”
We continued talking until I had paid for the groceries—and Sophia’s chocolate bar. She was smiling, her eyes beaming with happiness. It was a moment to remember. God really wants to do good things through us!
Every day might bring an unexpected encounter like this. When it does, we had better be prepared to seize the opportunity.

This story was contributed by Sasha Prokopchuk, a minister and an evangelist based in Kiev. Sasha is one of our longtime partners in Ukraine.