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The Bible. We Want Everyone To Get It.

About Eastern European Mission

Eastern European Mission (EEM) is a non-profit organization providing Bibles and Christian literature in languages of Eastern and Central Europe. Our goal is to increase the knowledge of God’s Word and encourage development of Christian faith and values. The materials we offer are available completely free of charge to individuals, schools, libraries, prisons, orphanages, churches, and other entities in the region. The work of our organization is supported by benevolent donations of individuals from around the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • EEM does not sell the Bibles or any other books. All our literature is provided free of charge. There is no shipping fee either. To manage our shipping costs, we can send 1 copy of each book per address and customer in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, or Belarus. For customers ordering from the EU, the limit is 3 copies of each book.

    The books can be added to your shopping cart directly on our website. Once you’re done, be sure to proceed to the Checkout, so we can process your order.

    If you represent an organization and would like to place a bulk order with us, this needs to be arranged with one of our regional representatives. Please, use the Contact form to submit your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Within the primary area of EEM’s operations (countries of the former Communist Bloc and Greece), we take care of all the shipping and handling fees as part of our ministry. We want you to be able to get your Bible and/or other Christian literature at absolutely no cost. The same applies to bulk orders placed on behalf of organizations such as schools, hospitals, prisons, orphanages, and many more, when approved by our staff. Orders from outside of the primary area of EEM’s operations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Delivery times may vary depending on a number of factors, including our warehouse location, your home country, and the amount of orders in our queue. While we try to do our best to satisfy the demand as quickly as we can, there can at times be significant delays. For current waiting times, please consult the Our Books page

  • The easiest way to proceed is to first browse the Our Books page. Select the book you would like to order and its format (hard copy or ebook) and add it to the cart. Repeat the procedure for any other books you are interested in. When you are done, please proceed to the Checkout. You will then be asked to fill in your shipping information and create an account on our website. Once you submit this information, your order is complete.

    Another option is to register on our website first (or log in, if you have already registered with us). To do so, go to Our Books > My Account. After registering your email address and setting up your password, you can edit your contact information and then proceed to selecting books from our website. Don’t forget to proceed to the Checkout when you are done.

  • We believe everyone should have a chance to get to know God through His Word. We make it our aim, therefore, to provide people with easy access to the Bible as well as a selection of Christian literature that we believe will serve well to guide those who seek God on their quest.

  • The books we provide are paid for by charitable donations made by donors from all over the world. If you’re happy with what we do, please, consider supporting us too. To find out more about donation options, please, visit https://www.eem.org/partner-financially.

  • Our website is primarily designed for individual (non-bulk) orders. Organizations can request books through the Contact form on our site.

  • In addition to following existing restrictions that apply to international shipping, we also limit the number of books any individual can order so as to make our materials available to as many as are interested. For this reason, we encourage every individual interested in our books to place their own order. To satisfy larger demand, we also encourage representatives of public and charitable organizations to get in touch with one of our staff members by filling out the Contact form.

  • If you are an individual interested in books for personal use, proceed in the same way as before: Select the books and add them to your shopping cart; then proceed to the Checkout. However, if you want to order books for a family member or friend, please, ask them to make the request in person via our website.

    If you represent an organization, please approach our representative in the field by filling out the Contact form on our website. Please, make sure to provide as much detail as possible, so we can address your needs as efficiently as possible.

  • You can check the current status of your order on the My Account page up to the point when the order is shipped. As a non-profit organization, we do not have the resources to provide tracking information for shipped orders. We do our best to be as efficient as possible, but due to the large amount of requests we get, it can take up to two months before your order is delivered.

    However, if you haven’t heard from us in over two months and your order hasn’t been delivered, you can always check with us using the Contact form on our website. Please, make sure to state the order reference number.

  • We want to serve as many individuals and organizations as possible. Therefore, to keep costs down, we use standard shipping for individual orders. This means packages sent to individuals cannot be tracked. For bulk orders made on behalf of organizations, please contact our representative to receive an update on the status of your order.

  • If you have waited more than two months and your package has not arrived yet, it might be best to check with us about the status of your order. Please visit the My Account page to check the status of your order. If the order status is “Completed”, please use the Contact form to let us know your order reference number and the date you requested our literature and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

  • We are a Christian organization (associated with churches of Christ) that wants to make the Bible accessible in the countries and languages of the former Communist Bloc. We are also active in the southeast of Europe, an area that has seen a great influx of migrants in the recent years. Our mission stems from our belief that God’s Word is the story of God’s love for humankind–and everyone deserves to hear that story. We also want people to have access to tools that help them study the Bible.

  • If you have found a typo or an error in one of our books, we’d encourage you to use the Contact form to let us know. To make sure we can locate the typo and make necessary corrections, please, provide the name of the book, language version, page number, and the sentence/phrase where the typo has been spotted.

  • One of the most important ways you can support our work is through prayer. We encourage all of our visitors and partners to pray for our ministry. We believe that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective (James 5:16) and we are sure that God can open doors where people are powerless.

    If you would like to be a little more involved in our ministry personally, you can also contribute financially. We are also constantly on the lookout for new ministry partners–nationals in the region of our operations who are willing to and capable of distributing our literature through churches, schools, libraries and/or any other organizations they represent.

Haven’t found the answer to your question? Please, use the Contact form to get in touch with us!


Eastern European Mission was established in 1961 in Vienna, Austria.

Eastern European Mission Verein
Perfektastrasse 55/1
Vienna, Austria

Eastern-European Humanitarian and Educational Foundation
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Eastern European Humanitarian Mission”
Kiev, Ukraine