Discovering a whole new world

A story from Slovenia

My friend Tia, has a four-year-old girl who is in the same kindergarten class as my four-year-old daughter. The two of them are good friends and like to play together, so our families sometimes visit each other.

Now, about a year ago, my husband and I had a conversation about God with Tia. She was interested but did not pursue this any further. Some time had passed when, around Easter this year, another opportunity came up. My husband and I went to pick up our daughter from a playdate at our friends’ house when Tia and her mom invited us to come in. After exchanging a few words about how we had spent Easter, we got into a conversation about the gospel. Both Tia and her mom had many questions and were very eager to know the answers. A couple weeks after that, when we were once again picking up our daughter from her playdate, we got into another conversation about the Lord. This time they were even more excited! The Holy Spirit had been working in them, opening their spiritual eyes—praise the Lord!

As a result of our conversations, I gave Tia and her mom five books published by EEM. One of them was the Bible for Young Readers. I shared with Tia that I had been reading it to my daughter, who loved it. Tia was wondering if it was not too early to teach children about God at such a young age. Nevertheless, she gave it a try and started reading it to her daughter—and the girl loved it, too! She started asking questions about God and Tia was able to answer: “God is everywhere. He can see everything. He loves us very much and He loves you! We cannot see Him, but we can feel Him. He always helps us and He loves us very, very much.” The little girl’s response was instant: “I love Him, too. I love Him, too.”

Since she began reading Bible stories to her daughter, Tia says her daughter has discovered a whole new world. Tia said she also loved reading it and asked for two more copies for her friends! I praise God for what He is doing and for EEM, who have provided these books for free. I would like to thank all the donors and workers involved in this ministry. May the Lord bless every donor and worker in every aspect of our lives!

Contributed by Estera Pogacnik from Slovenia.