A new hope sprouts for refugees

New plant sprouts in arid land
© Roman Bodnarchuk / Adobe Stock
Ever since providing Bibles for refugees has presented itself as a new opportunity for EEM, we have been blessed to partner with organizations in the field in a number of European countries. Through them, we were able to distribute a total of 35,000 Bibles and New Testaments in Arabic and Farsi (Persian) in the first three months of this year alone!
We are amazed and humbled by these numbers and pray that God continues to bless this ministry. We also remain in prayers for our partners as they continue to spread the Good News. We know God is working effectively through them, as is evident from a testimony we recently received from a volunteer working with one of these organizations. In his email, he states:

I want to say “thank you” for the Bibles we recently received from EEM. Just last night I saw a young refugee couple with a baby.  They are recent believers.  He told me they were being transferred to another city.  He told me he had a gospel, but could I please get him a whole Bible. I was able to give him a new Bible in Persian, the most recent translation, that we received just last month from EEM. I also was able to give him the name of a pastor, in the city he is being transferred to, who could help his family.

Many times a refugee has come back after reading a gospel and said, “This is so beautiful.”  Some have said, “I love Jesus.” I have seen that the Word of God speaks so much to people’s hearts. One of my co-workers has a Bible study with over 30 new Christians. We are able to give them these new Persian Bibles.

So, thank you again for your help.

We, too, remain thankful to our partners in the field. It is because of their passion and dedication that our Bibles are getting to those in greatest need of them!